Our Story

LB Gallery is a platform specialized in contributing to and guiding the formation of private, corporate and public collections of modern and contemporary International and Latin American art, as well as books, manuscripts and specialized ephemera.

Our platform has decades of experience leading the comprehensive understanding of the artistic movements of Cuba and Latin America, identifying not only their historical significance and commercial potential through exhaustive research but also creating collections based on a deep knowledge of the genre.

Through a broad international network, we organize public and private exhibitions, complemented by editorial projects and publications that encourage, support and promote intercultural dialogues between the genres and artists we represent and endorse.

Our consulting services offer specialized information in the formation and management of collections, identity, and investment strategies that identify us as a reliable resource in the discernment and vision that specialized collecting demands.

It is our mission to improve the understanding of Latin American art, its historical and commercial impact, being a reliable resource that complements and reaffirms the needs of those collectors who seek to form a collection that responds to their financial needs and satisfy, through our services, their most high cultural and artistic expectations.

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